My Husband Basically Told Me to Wake Up and Get Help

I dropped by to see what a chiropractor in Cumming GA could do for me after I had a rollerblading accident. I had been in pain for more time than I thought I would be, and that pain was rearing its ugly head in my personal life and work life every single day. Every time that I would forget to hold my body a certain way so that I wouldn’t feel the shooting pain in my back, I complained to myself about forgetting. It was becoming a real drag. And as a busy mom of 4 children, who is also the director of the marketing department for the company that I work for, the pain was bringing me down and causing me to fail at all the things that I need to be in control of daily.

My husband said that he didn’t think it was good for me to keep taking all the pain pills that I was taking. He said that he would understand more if I had no choice, but he pointed out that I had not exhausted all of my choices yet. So, he told me that I should go see my doctor immediately. “Be proactive,” he said. He was right. However, despite doing the right thing in being proactive, my doctor only offered me prescription pain pills. That didn’t seem like a better option.

After I told my husband about what happened at the physician’s office, he pointed out that I should go see a chiropractor. He even mentioned that’s probably the first thing I should have done. In that case he turned out to be correct, too. I have now gone to four different appointments spaced two weeks apart, and I have zero pain. I can move around just as I did before, and it feels like I never hurt myself in the first place now.