Hurt My Back Riding My Motorcycle

I have been having a ton of fun on this dirt bike, I have had it about a year and a half and I suppose that I have taken it out on the weekend about thirty times or so. I will put it on a trailer behind my truck and load up all the stuff I need for camping. At any rate I ended up having to go see a Phoenix chiropractor about a week after this incident. I tried a few other things, like alternating heat pads and cooling pads, but the results were not satisfactory. In fact I began having real issues getting out of bed in the morning. The stiffness in my back kept getting worse and worse every day, so there just was not any real option. Of course I thought about the other things and it seemed as though acupuncture was the best option of the others. It seemed like a better thing from one viewpoint, because there can be really bad outcomes with chiropractors if they mess things up.

It is going to be a different story for the dirt bike, it could be fixed I suppose, but there does not seem to be too much upside for it. I paid a couple hundred dollars for it and I did a few things to get it ready to work. It was going to need a new set of tires already, the ones on it were really worn out. That may have had something to do with the crash, although the fact that I was riding in a pretty steady downpour was the big factor. The frame on the bike is probably bent, or at least that is what it looks like to me. There just is not an affordable way to fix that sort of thing.