I Am Feeling a Lot Better Now

It took a couple of weeks for them to let me out of the hospital, which annoyed me a good deal since they really did not seem to be doing all that much for me. I had a bunch of bumps and cuts, but the big thing was my knee and my back. They gave me a knee brace and they sent me to see a chiropractor in San Leandro after they let me out of the hospital. There was not really too much they could do about my back, they took x rays and they gave me an MRI. That was not so much fun. They put me in one of the really small machines and I am a pretty big guy. It took a long time and that machine was making all sorts of weird noises. They were telling me that a lot of people get claustrophobic in this thing, which I did not think applied to me very much. However I did not like it very much after a few minutes.

The chiropractor would have worried me a lot if I had not been assured that he was the best one in the area. This is scary stuff when you think about it. The trust you have in this guy is a vital thing and you are going to have to worry about the things that could go bad. It is a real issue, because these guys are moving things around in the vertebra in your spine. So long as they know what they are doing and then do what they intended to do, this is fine. The end result will be that you have all of the vertebra are where they should be relative to each other. However there is plenty of things that can go bad and go bad in a really bad way.

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