My Shoulder Pain Was Not Going Away

My shoulder pain started off mild enough. I was playing a pickup game of basketball with some of the other guys around town. I used to play pretty well, but I also had not played in nearly a decade either. That is why I was not so surprised when I woke up the next morning feeling a bit sore. I knew that the pain would go away, but that is not what happened. After a few days, I could tell that it was hurting even more, so I scheduled an appointment with a local Santa Barbara chiropractor.

I was happy they could get me in that same day, because it was a rare day off for me. I did not want to have to wait another week or so because the pain was getting worse instead of better. That they would squeeze me in because of my own schedule was really nice of them, so I made sure I was on time so I could fill out all the paperwork before my appointment. The chiropractor was very nice, and his examination of my shoulder, neck and back was extremely thorough. I was not sure what the course of treatment could be for shoulder pain, so he explained that the main option was just to get some adjustments in.

He explained how the spine works, and how it can get out of alignment even with the smallest of movements at times. As people age also, their spine will not be in perfect alignment. That is the reason an alignment will make a person feel so much better, because they are getting back to how they were before any of the pain that is associated with aging began. He gave me my first adjustment that day, and I knew that I wanted to continue to get them just because of how amazing I felt after he was done.

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