Riding in a Dune Buggy Proved to Me I Was No Longer in My Twenties

We went out on dune buggies over the weekend. We rode on some pretty intense trails. I got bounced around so much that I thought my teeth were going to shake loose in my head. All that bouncing around in the dune buggy did a job on my back. I thought I was not going to be able to make it through work the next day but I did. I called during my lunch hour to see if there were an Santa Rosa chiropractors that could see me after work. I needed an adjustment on my back to help ease the pain. I am not sure what I did, but I shook something loose or knocked it way out of alignment.

The chiropractor’s adjustment fixed me right up. I would be sleeping on the couch writhing in pain if I had not gone to the chiropractor. I often put things off when it comes to my own self-inflicted injuries. I am very glad that I went to the chiropractor when I did. I felt so good that when the weekend rolled around again, I was back out there in another dune buggy racing along. Some of the bounces were so hard that I thought the vehicle might fall apart. However, it held together nicely through all the dips and jumps. However, I knew that I would be back at the chiropractor Monday afternoon after work.

My boss could tell that I went riding again. I was pretty stiff and having a hard time moving very fast on Monday morning. I got through the work day, but I did take a few shortcuts. I had a really rough time bending and lifting. If I go out on a dune buggy again, I think we need to rent one that has a better suspension system in it to save the wear and tear on my back.

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