No Longer in Pain Every Day

I decided to see a Salinas chiropractor because I hurt a lot. I knew that it was not normal to hurt as much as I did, especially at my age. I used to be on the track team as well as the softball team in my college years, and I knew that I had put my body through some abuse, but I still knew that it was just not normal to hurt like I was. I went online to look at different chiropractors in my area because I wanted to make sure that the one I went to was reliable and had a good reputation.

It was my first time going to one, and I will say that I still had some doubts. Thankfully, my pain trumped my skeptical side. I say that because I found relief much quicker than I ever would have imagined because of my initial trip to the chiropractor. I chose the Relief Center because there were so many positive reviews from people who had gone to one of their locations. I also liked that they have specials to help make the decision to visit even easier. I was able to get in for free for my first consultation, and that was all it took for me to know I was going to be a regular patient there.

I liked that the chiropractor explained everything before anything even happened. He talked with me about where the pain was, then he did a visual examination, checking my range of motion so he could determine exactly where the problem was. I had read where some chiropractors take X-rays to help determine the severity of what is going on, but I did not need that. My treatment plan consisted of adjustments and physical therapy. My first visit was four months ago, and I am no longer living in pain every single day!

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