My Wrist Never Felt Better

My wife looked online for San Rafael chiropractors recently due to an unfortunate mishap I experienced while working on my car. I like to do all of my own car repairs, especially since I worked as a mechanic for a few years back when I first got into the work force, and I rarely worry about hurting myself because I generally know what I’m doing. All of those stories about someone being killed when their car falls on them doesn’t usually concern me. Then my own near brush with death happened and I’m lucky I got off with a wrist injury.

I had the car up on tracks in the garage in order to do an oil change, but at some point I got a bit sloppy and didn’t notice that one of the tires wasn’t properly lined up on the track. The oil filter was tough to get out so I was putting a lot of pressure on it and it was enough to cause the car to slide off the elevated track and drop to the floor. Fortunately, my body wasn’t under the vehicle, but my arm was. I could feel something in my wrist give as I rolled away to safety.

I thought I’d just sprained my wrist in my near death experience, but as the days went by I knew something wasn’t right. It wasn’t healing, or at least the pain wasn’t going away like it should have. I tried ice and even Icy Hot and those things provided only temporary relief. It was only after a visit to the chiropractor that my wrist returned to normal. I had a sprain and a hairline fracture that required very little wrist movement. The chiropractor put my wrist in a brace and that eventually took care of the problem. It feels as good as ever now.

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