I Was Unsure About Chiropractic Care

When my doctor told me that he wanted me to see a chiropractor in Sacramento because of my intense back pain, I was not sure it was something I was comfortable with. It was only after my doctor gave me a lot more information about what a chiropractor does that I felt more comfortable with it. In fact, I made an appointment with one as soon as I got home. I was able to go the next day, and I was surprised because it was completely different than I had imagined it. Even though my doctor had explained it to me, I still did not have a clear vision of what it was until I was actually there and experiencing it in person.

I thought that it was just going to be me laying down on a table and having the chiropractor use his hands to adjust my spine. While I was not against that, I honestly did not know if that would help me because of how long I had been in pain. I was happy though when he told me that there are quite a few options for me. He said adjustments are definitely part of the treatment plan that he wants for me, but it is not the only part. He also wanted to use ice and heat.

I had always heard that it is one or the other, so I was confused why he would use both together. He told me that the ice will constrict the blood vessels and basically numb me, and then the heat, which is applied right after, loosens up and helps to increase the blood flow. Between that, the adjustments and massage, I was feeling very little pain after the first week, and none at all by the time I had been going for three weeks.

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